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The Friends of the Brown County Library cannot raise its funds or manage its activities without the generous donations of time by our many dedicated volunteers.

We are always looking for new volunteers to help us fulfill and expand our mission to help the Library. All volunteer efforts, large or small, support literacy and learning in the Brown County area for all walks of life and all ages, infants to seniors. Many of our Friends happily volunteer their time on a regular basis for the social fellowship and the satisfaction of contributing to the greater cause of literacy and education for all.

We invite you to review the volunteer options listed below.  For more information or to contact our volunteer coordinator, feel free to email If you have a particular event of interest, please add it in the email’s subject line.

Volunteer for the Give-A-Kid-A-Book Campaign

Give-A-Kid-A-Book is an annual campaign to collect new books and distribute them to low-income children in December.

The campaign is coordinated by the Friends of the Brown County Library, and distribution is handled in partnership with the Salvation Army and the Marine’s Toys for Tots Christmas programs.

Volunteer opportunities include:

    • Book Collection -  A major source of new GAKAB books comes from volunteers who host and promote a book collection box in their business, church, or club.

    • Setup - Help transport boxes of books from the library staging area to the delivery truck,  then from the truck to the display floor, then unpack the boxes and arrange the books on the display tables.

    • Distribution Advisers - On distribution days (usually a week before Christmas), volunteers help parents locate the best books that would be age-appropriate and of a particular interest for their children.  The most helpful advisers are often parents who are already familiar with current children and young adult titles and authors.   

The Friends of the Brown County Library is a

501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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