Why be a Member?

Membership in the Friends of the Brown County Library is a simple and effective way to support your community.  The money we raise through membership helps in a variety of ways, from supporting the  Library story times to bringing nationally famous authors such as New Yorker writer Susan Orlean to speak at the library.  It directly benefits you as well, since membership entitles you to discounts at local retailers and special member-only access to the opening evening of our semi-annual Big Book Sale and other events. 

We Invite You to Become a Friend!

The Friends of the Brown County Library offers the following Membership options:

Membership CategoriesHousehold and Organization

Membership Terms - One Year and Five Year 

Each of these two terms are available for both Households and Organizations.  When your existing membership comes up for renewal, you have the option of either maintaining that same term or changing to the other term.  

Membership Bundles - Household Bundle (1-5 persons) and Organization Bundle (1-2 persons)

To reflect the family nature of our Library, membership in the Friends is offered to "Households" rather than single individuals.  Up to 5 family members residing at the same address are entitled to their own membership under the umbrella of a single Household Bundle membership fee.  

Similarly, up to 2 members of a single organization are entitled to their own membership under the umbrella of a single Organization Bundle membership fee.

The account-creator / bundle-administrator is responsible for maintaining and renewing memberships.

The Friends of the Brown County Library is a

501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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